Brands: LenaGolovaCollection

| Casting: let’s shoot me | 
| Photo: Mariia Grozenkova | 
| Model: Kate Bogomolnaya | 
| MUA & HS: Kate Kuzkina | 
| Special for LenaGolovaCollection | 

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Happy New Year: Overview 2017!

It’s our turn to sum up the results of 2017. It was an amazing year! Already the second in a row in the life of our model project. Today we are looking back at the work done and share with you the most interesting shootings for the outgoing year.

We are growing and developing, improving the quality of our filming and working on the right approach to the client. We receive new offers and orders, including the areas where we have never worked before.

Hopefully the new year 2018 will be no less exciting. Happy New Year, dear models, photographers, stylists and designers! Thank you for being with us. Thanks to every follower for showing interest in our work and our photoshoots. We appreciate and love each of you.

So, what did we do in the outgoing year?

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Brands: Lena Golova

| Producer: let’s shoot me | 
| Photo: DarryDe | 
| MUA&HS: Ekaterina Kuzkina | 
| Model: Alina Maslak | 
Special for LenaGolovaCollection

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Publication: Surreal Beauty Magazine

Today we share our new publication work at the “Clandestine” issue of the Surreal Beauty Magazine! Our photoshoot “She can cook!” is openning the issue. By the way we already shared our backstage-video from this shoot here.

| Procuder: let’s shoot me |
| Photograph: Alina Gorbacheva |
| Style: Sveta Zhenina |
| Model: Lena Nikitina |
| Retouch: Narri |

Events: mashamaniya barchelorette

| Organization: let’s shoot me |
Photo: Ekaterina Kholod |
Location: spa club Skandinavia |

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Download: Mobile Wallpapers

We know how our artists love photos we made together. We often review the edited images and still find inspiration in them. Today we present you selected wallpapers for your mobile phone from our most favorite works for the last few years. The selection also includes pictures from our model trips abroad. Just click on the picture  and download the wallpaper to your phone.

Special thank you to all the artists for those amazing pictures and work done together!


Lux Rad (Сан Франциско),  Svetlana Yaroshchuk (Минск), Katya Kitana (Спб), Darya Mikhailova (Спб), Alexander Negorodov (Доминикана), Andreas Lee (Бали), Alisa Lompetova (Спб), Zhenya Matuzin (Спб), Lahcen Mellal (Морокко), Kate Markina (Спб)

MUA and Stylists

Olga BarminaKarin BentlinSveta ZheninaAnastasia ProstakovskayaSusanna ManucharyanMaria AlekseyevaGulnara SanteraAlisher MamadievVictoria FadeyevaIonKate


Zhenya BelotserkovskayaToma Rogaleva, Kate Ivanova, Mariia Grozenkova


Publication: let’s shoot me for Piter TV

Recently our project made a photoshoot called Zodiac. We were very inspired by the works of canadian makeup artist Setareh Hosseini. Her fantasies pushed us to make our own beauty-project where makeup artists can have freedom and create their own personal vision of Zodiac’s looks. The picture from this shoot were published by russian canal Piter TV so now we are very happy to present them to all of you.

Thanks again to the whole team and don’t forget to check the backstage video сfrom this photoshoot!;)

| Producer: Mariia Grozenkova / let’s shoot me |
| Photo: Ekaterina Kholod |
| Style: Dasha PurvinaLera Volkova |
| Flowers: CitychicSpb |
| Models: Vera IptyshevaToma Rogaleva,
Violetta PopovaKsenia Gayvoronskaya / DNK Model Management |


Brands: Lafanta (Berlin)

Today we want to tell you about the German brand Lafanta creating wedding and evening dresses. We were lucky to work with the designers in Berlin on their show at Berlin Fashion Week. Upon of the brand request we selected make-up artists, models and hairstylist for the show and even held a whole competition with the main prize – a model trip to Berlin organized by our project. By this publication we want to thank all the participants  and say “see you at the next show!” .

| Producer: let’s shoot me |
| Model trip: Berlin Fashion Week |
| Photo:  Lukasz Kozlowski |
| Model: Charli Fletcher |
| MakeUp: Valeria Rubio |
| Hairstyle:  Lesia Vasilets |
| Designer: Lafanta |

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Photoday: Sasha Durasova

А мы продолжаем делиться с вами снимками с нашего фотодня Ms.Black & White в Санкт-Петербурге. На этот раз мы представляем вам образ Саши Дурасовой. Кстати, посмотреть фотографии с этого же мероприятия вы также можете в нашей предыдущей статье.

| Producer: let’s shoot me |
| Photo: Алина Горбачева |
| Model: Саша Дурасова |
| Style: Лилия Давиденко |
| MakeUp & Hairstyle: Света Женина |

Love-story: Dominicana

What possibly could be more romantic than a proposal somewhere at the Caribbean island far far away? Only pictures with the such moment! Today we share indecently vivid pictures from the Kate and Alex trip to the Dominican Republic where the guys got engaged. The whole organization process was carried by in our project and we can’t wait to send photos to the guys.

From the bottom of our heart we congratulate the young couple and wish them a wonderful wedding trip and fairy-tale photos from there 🙂

| Produccer: Let’s Shoot Me! |
| Photograph: Alexander Negorodov |
| Lovers: Kate + Alex |
| MUA: Olga Barmina |

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Previously we shared our publication named “Blue Soul” in Sheeba Magazine from Bali Island. Today our model Maria Grozenkova shares a video story about her journey to this fabulous place.

I have so warm feelings when I think about that trip” – says Masha. “We started planning this photoshoot with Let’s Shoot Me! a couple of weeks before the trip. I always wanted to make a pool but in St. Petersburg it’s quite a problem. So I decided to combine my vacation to the Island with modeling. Especially it was very interesting to work with the locals. Indonesian photographer Andreas Lee turned out to be very polite and punctual (which is not typical for the island) and MUA Karin Bentlin told me so much about Australian model market.


Today we share a special shoot which recently took place under the guidance of our project in the summer terrace “The Lyrics”. The point of the photoshoot was concentrade on the silver handmade jewelry brand The Cosmic Jewelry. As a result, we get these incredibly atmospheric picturews with the mood of cool breathing of Spring.

The Cosmic Jewelry rings and pendants can be purchased through the Instagram all over the world. Rings are hand made from 925 silver and can be made to order, with any accents such heart or whale and with or without of engraving.



| Casting: Let’s Shoot Me! |
| Photographer: Katya Kitana |
| Jewelry: Cosmic Jewelry |
| Stylist: Svetlana Jane |
| Model: Jane Beloserkovskaia |