Happy New Year: Overview 2017!

It’s our turn to sum up the results of 2017. It was an amazing year! Already the second in a row in the life of our model project. Today we are looking back at the work done and share with you the most interesting shootings for the outgoing year.

We are growing and developing, improving the quality of our filming and working on the right approach to the client. We receive new offers and orders, including the areas where we have never worked before.

Hopefully the new year 2018 will be no less exciting. Happy New Year, dear models, photographers, stylists and designers! Thank you for being with us. Thanks to every follower for showing interest in our work and our photoshoots. We appreciate and love each of you.

So, what did we do in the outgoing year?

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Brands: Lafanta (Berlin)

Today we want to tell you about the German brand Lafanta creating wedding and evening dresses. We were lucky to work with the designers in Berlin on their show at Berlin Fashion Week. Upon of the brand request we selected make-up artists, models and hairstylist for the show and even held a whole competition with the main prize – a model trip to Berlin organized by our project. By this publication we want to thank all the participants  and say “see you at the next show!” .

| Producer: let’s shoot me |
| Model trip: Berlin Fashion Week |
| Photo:  Lukasz Kozlowski |
| Model: Charli Fletcher |
| MakeUp: Valeria Rubio |
| Hairstyle:  Lesia Vasilets |
| Designer: Lafanta |

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Previously we shared our publication named “Blue Soul” in Sheeba Magazine from Bali Island. Today our model Maria Grozenkova shares a video story about her journey to this fabulous place.

I have so warm feelings when I think about that trip” – says Masha. “We started planning this photoshoot with Let’s Shoot Me! a couple of weeks before the trip. I always wanted to make a pool but in St. Petersburg it’s quite a problem. So I decided to combine my vacation to the Island with modeling. Especially it was very interesting to work with the locals. Indonesian photographer Andreas Lee turned out to be very polite and punctual (which is not typical for the island) and MUA Karin Bentlin told me so much about Australian model market.


Today’s video is fully dedicated to our model trip to Berlin. We wanted to show you how our model trips usually goes: what model do during their free time, how the photoshoot goes, who are the photographers, where models live and what pictures we make after all.

Thanks one more time to all the artists! You can find our more about this trip: “Modeling: Berlin“, “It’s just a dream“, “Old Riga“.

| Model trip: Berlin |
| Casting: Let’s Shoot Me! |
| Model: Mariia Grozenkova |
| Photographers: Boris Berghammer, Funkymimosa, Anselm AdamsDainis Dērics |

Model trip: Berlin Fashion Week

In the beginning of the year we received an invitation from the German brand Lafanta to participate in their show during Berlin Fashion Week. We held a huge competition where our choice was stopped on the British model Charli Fletcher.
Today we present you a model story written by stunning Charli. Her stories about the modeling behind-the-scenes, the full schedule and comments for each shot, edited and backstage photos – everything is in this artickle. Check our new model story!

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Model trip: Los Angeles

В продолжение рассказа Марии Грозенковой о ее модельных поездках в Лос Анджелес мы публикуем солнечное видео из Санта Моники, которое она сняла во время своих путешествий на съемки. Надеемся, видео воодушевит вас на путешествие и подарит вам хорошее настроение в эти весенние дни.