Shoots: Cattyreena brand

Today we present the jewelry of the Cattyreena brand, which jewelry was specifically delivered to our address in St. Petersburg from Yakutsk. Ekaterina Kychkina, the author and the master, combines beading, Swarovski crystals and precious gems in her works. Cattyreena uses buttons for making brooches so decorations do not leave traces on clothes and may be are easily if necessary. Delivery is carried out anywhere in the world. You can order already existed jewelry or come up with your own unique design and choose materials yourself (you can use Japanese beads, corals, pearls and natural leather).

The difference of all material come in completely different styles so you can wear the jewelry with a variety of clothes. That’s why we decided to create two fundamentally opposite looks. Sweet Toma and rocking Katya were shooted by Darya Mikhailova with whom we already worked for another project.

| Castings: Let’s Shoot Me! |
| Photo: Дарья Михайлова |
| Models: Toma Rogaleva, Katya Ivanova |
| Jewelry: Cattyreena |
| Backstage photo: Margo Birman |
| Hairstylist: Anastasia Prostakovskaya |
| MUA: Susanna Manucharyan |




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