Model trip: Berlin Fashion Week

In the beginning of the year we received an invitation from the German brand Lafanta to participate in their show during Berlin Fashion Week. We held a huge competition where our choice was stopped on the British model Charli Fletcher.
Today we present you a model story written by stunning Charli. Her stories about the modeling behind-the-scenes, the full schedule and comments for each shot, edited and backstage photos – everything is in this artickle. Check our new model story!

Working with the Let’s Shoot Me! team was a tremendous experience. From the moment I got the confirmation email, that I had booked the ongoing jobs during Berlin fashion week, I was extremely excited, as this was the first time that I had done fashion week in Germany.
As soon as I landed after lunch, I went straight to the Lafanta showroom, which was easy to find thanks to Google Maps. Catherine the owner of the brand was the first to welcome me at the door, and she was a pleasure to work with. She is friendly, considerate, and professional, which made me comfortable whilst shooting. Catherine’s bridal and evening dresses were astounding, regal and classy. She caters to all sizes which is ideal because we live in a world with differing shapes, heights, and sizes.

The make up artist Valeria Rubio, who’s name I remember so well as I worked with her every day of the trip, is now one of my favourite make-up artists. Every time she made up my face, she chose the right shades for me and made me look fabulous. Valeria is a kind, gentle soul yet she is professional as she always turns up on time, is cooperative and gets the job done.
The hair stylist Lesia Vasilets did a very good job on the both occasions I worked with her. I admire that she took on the challenge of doing afro hair and made the vision she wanted come to life.
The photographer Lukasz Kozlowski during this shoot was also easy going, which allowed me to flow into various poses and expressions easily during this shoot. By looking briefly at the images on his camera, I am certain that the ones that will be published in Ellements magazine will be mind blowing. This will also be my first time being published in this publication, which made the trip even more exciting.
After the shoot Valeria kindly and physically directed me to the apartment, where we could assess that all was well with the living arrangements and she could leave her makeup tools for the shoot, that would occur at the apartment the next day. We found so many different locations in the apartment to shoot, as the apartment was beautiful, elegant and had plenty of character. Valeria then left and I enjoyed my apartment whilst listening to the wide range of music that came from upstairs that night, and every night onwards. Being a lively person myself I enjoyed the music each time until I fell asleep.

The next morning Valeria and another model (Suse Eder) came to the apartment so we could be prepared with make-up and our hair styled for the shoot. Boris Berghammer the photographer then came when we were both ready and he was lovely to shoot with. I really look forwards to seeing the images published in his book because I liked his edgy vision for our make up and hair, which Valeria brought to life and the poses he recommended were awesome.
After the shoot Valeria and I went to watch the Maisonee fashion show at the Mercedes Benz fashion week. It was a superb and high profile show with so many designs to see. I then went on to explore Berlin with a few friends, being the wanderlust that we are. The Siegessaule (Victory Tower in English) was one of the places I saw and I felt like I had achieved my own victory, by the new things that I was experiencing in Berlin.
The next day Valeria and I did a fashion shoot with the photographer Hilmar Herwig, which was great. We used more of the space and props in the apartment than with Boris, as Boris wanted to focus more on portraits on a blank wall. The dresses, shoes, and jewellery I brought, as well as the music from 1950s I played, combined together to convey complete opulence. It came across very well on the backstage footage that received a good response from my social media following.
On the final day of Berlin Fashion Week, I arrived at the Felix Restaurant for the Lafanta fashion show. The location was beautiful and big. I was a bit worried during rehearsals of walking down a large number of stairs in 6 inch heels and long dresses but the show was a success and my walk went well. It was a challenge that I accomplished, now I know that I can do it without a problem.



All the models that I met and worked with were cooperative, friendly and welcoming. They gave me advice on places to go to Berlin and we took lovely images together in our wonderful bridal dresses backstage and on the red carpet.
Although I stayed briefly, the after party was plenty of fun. The performances were very good. I even got a picture and dance with the Michael Jackson look a like.
All in all, Berlin Fashion Week with Let’s Shoot Me!, was a wonderful experience and I definitely advise other creatives to work with the team.

Special thanks for amazing time and work done:
Photographers:  Lukasz Kozlowski , Boris BerghammerHilmar Herwig, Sebastian Wuttke
Models: Charli Fletcher, Suse Eder
MUA: Valeria Rubio
Hairstylists:  Lesia VasiletsSviatlana Dzenisevich
Designer: Lafanta


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