Love-story: Morocco

This time Maria Grozenkova shares her pictures from far-away land Morocco. Masha organized a love-story shoot in Marrakech by Let’s Shoot Me! and today’s article is completely devoted to the resulting photos.

I always organize photoshoots during my trips. Even if I have only three days to walk around the city and the same time-frame for preparation for this trip I still will organize the shoot. That’s just me. Nothing is better than to capture the journey into the frame, meet local photographers and find interesting spots for shooting. Mostly I’m interested in street style and fashion photography but sometimes I organize love-story shoots. I love them too because I can walk and have some fun with my beloved one and learn so much from our chat with the locals… This love-story took place in March 2017. I just fell in love with our riad (guesthouse) in Marrakech and I really wanted to capture the interior. I am so glad that the local photographer Lahcen Mellal replies to my request and agreed to shoot with us. We did a great pictures together so many thanks to him one more time.